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H2 Construction has been a leader and innovator in residential and commercial development and construction for over 16years.

Residental Construction & Remodeling

Residential Service

Outdoor kitchens

Do you love to cook outdoors? If so, an outdoor kitchen may be just what you and your family need. Outdoor kitchens allow homeowners to entertain both inside and outside. In Spartanburg, most of our clients love being able to cook and eat outside the majority of the year. The technology and materials used in outdoor kitchens have improved dramatically over the past few years. The sky is truly the limit in what can be used in an outdoor kitchen. Flat screen TV, refrigerator, stainless steel grill and more are all possibilities with an outdoor kitchen from H2 Construction. Give us a call today to begin transforming your backyard into an outdoor oasis.


Are you living in the perfect neighborhood, but are slowly running out of room? With kids, any size home seems to not be large enough. If you love where you live and don’t want to deal with the stress of a move, an addition may be a great way to add square footage to your current home. Additions allow you to increase the size of your home with as little disruption to your normal routine as possible. H2 Construction strives to protect other areas of your home during an addition so that you can still live a somewhat normal life until your addition is complete. Give our office a call today if you are looking for an addition to give yourself and your family a little more space in your home.


H2 Construction has completed a large number of renovations in the Spartanburg area. Our most popular renovations usually are for bathrooms and kitchens, but we have also renovated entire homes as well. If your home was built 20-30 years ago, chances are that your kitchen and bathrooms are quite dated. Renovations from H2 Construction allow you to be a part of the entire process from design to completion. We strive to keep our clients informed throughout the construction process and work our hardest to always finish on time, and on budget. Call our team today to setup an appointment to discuss a renovation at your home. We will bring pictures of our past projects to show you how quickly we can completely transform your home.

Home repairs

Unfortunately owning a home requires maintenance. It seems like there is always something going wrong every few months. If you are struggling to find someone to rely on for these types of home repairs, H2 Construction can help. We actually started our business in 1998 completing home repairs in and around the Spartanburg area. While we have grown significantly, we still provide home repair services for a variety of homeowners in Spartanburg. All of our workers are honest and share our vision of putting the customer first above everything else. Give us a call today and we can come by and handle all of your home repairs.


If you are tired of the outside of your home looking like all of the other homes in the neighborhood, hardscapes can be a way to make your home stand out. We have helped a number of Spartanburg homeowners transform the outside of their homes with intricate hardscape installations. We work with each of our clients to design and install hardscapes to their exact specifications. Today there are all sorts of different hardscape options that can allow your creativity to truly run wild. If you would like to talk about adding hardscapes to your home, give our office a call today.

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