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H2 Construction has been a leader and innovator in residential and commercial development and construction for over 16years.

How We Build

H2 Construction has been in business since 1998 because of our focus on quality above all things.

We are committed to providing residential and commercial construction services to residents in and around the Spartanburg area for years to come. We instill the following values into each project that we complete for our customers.

Quality Craftsmanship and Materials

Our founder, Mark West believes that quality materials and craftsmanship should be used in every construction project. Each of our projects is an advertisement for our company and something that we must be proud of. For this reason, Mark and his team use only the highest quality materials and do not skimp on any detail in the completion of a project.

Attention To Detail

In construction, there are far too many companies that are simply focused on finishing a job as quickly as possible so that they can be paid. This is not what has allowed H2 Construction to stay in business since 1998. Mark and his team understand that it is the small, intricate details that take a construction project from sufficient to outstanding. At H2 Construction, we strive for outstanding feedback from our clients each and every day.

Effective Communication

IHow many contractors have you called only to not receive a call back? At H2 Construction, we are focused on always being available to our current and potential customers. We understand that if you are in need of a construction project, you likely want it now, not several weeks from now. At H2 Construction, we strive to answer all calls and emails as quickly as possible.

For more information about a residential or commercial construction project, give us a call today and let us show you how we build!

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